One day

Murmuring. Whispering. Indistinct chattering. Every one of those sounds reached Jack’s sensitive ears, as he took his books from the locker. The hare exhaled a quiet sigh, the hubbub caused by the soft chattering around him slowly fading away, turning …


Gregory gave a deep sigh as he watched the world outside the window, feeling a fatigue that even thirty hours straight of sleep wouldn’t have been able to relieve. When he caught a glimpse of his eyes’ reflection on the …


She was afraid. I could tell, because the air was filled with a strange vibrancy. Because, as the world around us was screaming, her amber eyes were just fixed on me as if I was the only living thing left …

You’ll be my wife

Suddenly, Gregory had hugged her from behind. It was the first time he did something like that. Cecilia’s heart skipped a beat; she wasn’t expecting it at all. “Greg—” “I love you,” he claimed, his voice so sweet in her …