Removal of “J” from canon timeline

Due to technical reasons regarding our next, and definitive, comic that we’re planning to make, we removed J from the storyline.
From now on, it’ll be considered just a pilot: that means that some elements in it could still result canon, but the same terms don’t apply overall. All things considered, the comic is not canon anymore, but we don’t want to delete it because it still offers a canon-like insight of the situation Jack has been dragged in.

Now, you can find J under the voice COMICS > OTHER COMICS > J – PILOT from the menu.

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Happy birthday, Cynthia!

In Italy, our country, it’s Cynthia’s birthday! 🎉
To celebrate the occasion, Remy drew a special artwork and Aoi wrote a little snippet which gives context to the illustration.

The drawing and the story are respectively available on GALLERY > ARTWORKS and NOVELS > NON-CANON NOVELS > A SPECIAL GIFT from the menu. Alternatively, you can read the story here by hitting the Continue reading → button, or simply go here.

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